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 Shattered But Not Broken LLC


Support inner-city high-risk children with educational and job skill sets by enhancing reading, math, science, and technology skill sets.

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Shattered But Not Broken is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization which was created as a mentorship program to become a liaison for the student, parents, and tutors during COVID-19. Many parents didn’t have resources or the ability to support their children during virtual schooling due to conflicting work schedules, educational skill sets, or behavior matters. Therefore, SBNB was created to provide the needed mentoring support and to be a liaison program between the school and the family as it validated the student and parent as willing participants in the educational success of the child.   This program is bases on the principal of no child will be left behind. As Covid-19 has decreased in infection, many students have returned too in classroom learning.  Therefore, SBNB is offering before and after school programs, mentorship development programs, and job and interview skill sets to support the student. Currently, this entire program is being funded by director of SBNB and through personal donations from community members who believe education is the core to success

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Core Components Of Program

What are the core components of this program?

  • Academic Development – Students will receive homework, reading and math academic support in the form of tutoring and enrichment activities.  The focus will be on Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Art and Math (STREAM).

  • Leadership Development - Students will engage in a series of Leadership Competencies, consisting of Acting with Integrity, Driving for Positive Results, Embodying Humility and Respect, and Risk Taking.

  • Behavior Development – Students who are high risk and challenging, as indicated by multiple suspensions from school, will remain engaged in learning through a partnership with the local school, parent, and student.  The suspended student will come to our facility and receive instructional as well as social/emotional support by a mentor or tutor. Students will complete assignments in a timely manner; lunch will be provided and the student will have mentoring sessions with an adult to help them determine more appropriate actions with the purpose of decreasing discipline referrals and suspensions. This multifaceted program will increase the likelihood that students receiving services from SNB will decrease their referral/suspension rate.

  • Enrichment - Students will explore science, reading, and math with the SBNB traveling Learning Center, Learn While You Travel.  The center has a passenger charter bus which students will take educational and recreational field trips.  These trips will consist of but may not be limited to museum visits, college tours, recreational theme parks visits and a Ride and Read Program.  While students are traveling on the bus, mentors and reading coaches will allocate time for reading and comprehension.  Pre-planned engagement activities will be prepared for the students to complete before, during and after the field trip. An example would be studying the physics of roller coasters before, during and after the trip to the theme park. Engaging students in Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering and Math (STREAM) during on site and off site enrichment activities will enhance their perception and knowledge about learning and these subjects.

Workforce Readiness/Entrepreneurship - Shattered But Not Broken conducts a mentorship program to support students with job exploration and interviewing skills

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The Future of Education

 For the past 2 years Shattered But Not Broken has supported students with math, science, reading, technology, and computer skill sets in Isle of Wight County.  All of the students who enrolled in the SBNB program passed their SOLs and advanced to their next grade level. The Virginia Department of Education’s School Quality Profile indicates that SOL pass rates decreased in reading by 9% during Covid 19 and 28% in math during Covid 19  in both the state and in Isle of Wight County (Virginia Department of Education School Quality Profile, 2022).  As COVID-19 has begun to decrease, many students have returned to the classroom and very few are virtually leaning; Therefore, Shattered But Not Broken has shifted to support the continued need of students and parents with before and after school academic and enrichment programs along with job interview skill sets.

In the Classroom

Program Goals

“If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you;  If you are determined to learn, no one can

stop you.”   Zig Ziglar

At the end of the 2022-2023 school year, the SOL reading and math pass rates for  students who have an 80% attendance rate in the after school program will be at least 80%.  75% is the pass rate benchmark for reading in Virginia.  The Virginia benchmark for math is 70%.

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